Reflection Log Reflections SUM 400

Senior Year

Quite recently, I was able to participate in Senior Investiture. If you’re like me, you have a vague idea of what Senior Investiture is or why it is important. My family was confused and worried that this meant I wouldn’t have a graduation ceremony. Other people, including family members and friends, thought it was a graduation ceremony and were slightly upset that they hadn’t been invited. I explained to them that no, it wasn’t a graduation ceremony but rather a kind of induction into senior year. I had never really given it much thought before, although I knew it was one of the many Agnes Scott traditions. In all honesty, I wasn’t really excited about it until the day of, when I woke up early to get ready and realized that I was finally, officially a senior. It was exciting lining up outside of Pressor and making our processional down the hall. Walking across the stage was nerve-wracking but felt almost like a triumph.

graduation caps

Credit: “graduation caps” by John Walker is licensed under CC by 2.0

Being at the ceremony made me realize that I was almost done with my college career. During the ceremony, while they were explaining the significance of Senior Investiture, I got emotional and

Credit: “Senior Status” by Iris Bailon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

even teared up a little. Dean Goff stated that it was almost like a reassurance that we would make it to our actual graduation ceremony in May. I pictured myself 9 months from now, wearing the same gown but this time not nervous but relieved. I imagined the sense of pride and triumph I would feel as I walked across that stage and received my diploma, but more than anything the pride my parent would feel as they watched their first born graduate college, the first in the family to do so despite all the odds stacked against me.

As I enter my senior year, I come with a renewed sense of resilience. The ceremony filled me with a sense of determination, which I hope drives me until my last final exam of my undergraduate career. It also allowed me to reflect upon these past three years and really appreciate my time here at Agnes Scott. It made me realize how fast time passes, which I hope will allow me to enjoy my last year here and take it easy every once in a while.

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